VFD control panels

We supply VFD panels of any rating at different configuration as per the application and customer requirement.

We manufacture VFD control panels with INOVANCE or ABB VFDs that suits the customer requirement. The VFD panels are designed in such a way that suits the application correctly. The required features are built to achieve the better performance of the machine and ease of operator in the drive panels. We make VFD control panels for various applications like pump, fan, cranes, brick machines, injection moulding machines, crusher equipments, rubber processing machine, machine tool applications, leather equipments and so on.

Some of the features are :

  • Required control panel sizing so that the panel doesn’t heat.
  • Incoming power disconnector.
  • Input or output choke.
  • Required metering.
  • Push button station and accessories.
  • Heater circuit if any.
  • Any additional starters required.
  • PLC integration.